Seating Chart


Cocktail parties (stand-up) 5 to 6
Cocktail parties (some seated) 8
Reception, tea type (some seated)   8
Dinner, using rectangular tables 10
Dinner, using round tables of 6, 8 or 12 12

Classroom Seating
Divide the "student" seating area (sq.ft.) by 8.

Theater Seating
Divide "spectator" seating area (sq. ft.) by 6... Where food is not required and seating is at one side of the table, allow 36" between tables.  While this may vary with degree of aisle comfort required, 36" distance between rows of chairs will suffice.

Banquet Seating
Aside from main traffic areas, allow 54" between round tables for chair and service space and 60" between oblong tables where seating is back to back.  This permits 24" service space behind 18" chair depth

Dance area

Square feet             2 to 4


Drums  20
Spinet Piano 30
Grand Piano 100

Calculating Dance Floor Size
Never more than 50% of the people dance at any time.  Each couple requires nine square feet.  If you have a party for 200 people (100 couples), 50 couples will be the maximum number dancing.  You need 450 square feet of floor, 28 pieces of 4' x 4' dance floor sections.

Dance Floor Area

People                 Square Feet 4' x 4' Pieces Size (Feet)
100 225 16 16 x 16
150 337 24 16 x 24
200 450 28 16 x 28
250 562 36 16 x 36

Special Events
We are here to assist you with custom party planning services.  Features include floor plans, experienced special event co-ordinators and quality referrals.